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Your property is in safe hands with Town Green Property Services.
Your property is in safe hands with Town Green Property Services. 

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Welcome to Town Green Property Services, we are an independent, impartial and professional property management provider working directly with residential and commercial landlords, tenants and relocation agencies. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service within the property management industry. 
We offer a new way to let your property. We are not another letting agent, we offer a unique property management solution, that guarantees we will be 'at least' 40% cheaper than with any letting agent. We also offer 10/15% reduction on any maintenance costs including Gas, Plumbing, Heating, Electrics. We complete all works 'in house' and do not need to rely on expensive sub contractors as letting agents do. We are a gas safe registered company, ensuring all gas works (including Landlord Gas Safety Certificates) are all included in our price reduction. We will save you money, discount costs, rather than mark up any works your property requires. 
We also offer our 'in house' property cover plans. There is nothing worse than a large unexpected bill. Why not choose from one of our cover plans to ensure this never happens again. We can cover your boiler, plumbing, heating, gas and much more. We can design a cover plan to suit your personal preferences. Do you currently pay high charges to one of the large national gas companies  We can save you money. Cover plans starting from as little as £7.99 per month. Take a quick at our offers
Our entire team is committed to meeting your needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. With many years experience within the property industry we acknowledge the many issues and situations that can arise within property investments and the highly important roll an Inventory report and Inventory Clerks plays within tenancies. We know what our clients need from a report and how they wish our Inventory services to be carried out. 


Our many years of experience really show in our Inventory Clerks work and services.
Based on this, we have been able to establish an Inventory service that can be on hand with just a few hours notice day or night, meeting your individual requirements. We have a super team of Inventory Clerks that are friendly and professional with comprehensive training and experience, using the latest in powerful technology, enabling us to offer a combined inventory and check-in as late as the move in day. 


About our inventories
 An inventory is a binding legal document that provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy. It is only effective if it is accurate so, all defects and soiling must be noted. Some landlords do not realise that although descriptions can appear uncomplimentary, it is those descriptions that will allow them to prove whether a tenant caused damage or is liable for cleaning costs.


Protecting your property
Your property is one of your most valuable assets. That means you do your best to protect your investment and to maintain its rental potential. Unfortunately, time, accidents, negligence, and wilful damage can impact your property, no matter how carefully you choose your tenants. Town Green Property Services helps you minimise that impact. We produce detailed and accurate inventories that will allow us to prove whether a tenant caused damage or is liable for cleaning costs and much much more.


Landlords and the TDS
If a tenancy results in damages, a comprehensive inventory of your property is essential if you hope to retain all or part of a tenant’s deposit. Compiling an inventory that contains a full list of your properties contents and the condition of each of its fixtures and fittings is a time consuming process. The inventory forms part of the contract between tenant and landlord and must contain sufficient detail to remove all uncertainty when it comes to any discussion of missing or damaged property or contents. The law does not stipulate that you need an inventory but with all dispute resolution hearings depending on paperwork, a landlord is unlikely to win any dispute without being able to show a signed and agreed inventory. Indeed, if you allow a tenancy to begin without the production of an inventory, you may well be exposing yourself to financial risk.


Independent Inventory
You know your inventory is vitally important. But it takes time and skill to create one that offers the best chance of winning any dispute. That’s why the majority of letting agents recommend using an independent inventory company like Town Green Property Services. We perform the task many times a day and are aware of exactly what’s needed to ensure there’s no ambiguity when it comes to agreeing the condition of a property.


Our aim is to ensure that the relationship between you and your tenants is based on a mutual agreement of the condition of a property and its contents before, during, and after a tenancy. The quality of our work guarantees that disputes over damage or defects are rare. If they do occur, they can be settled quickly and easily by reference to our work.
At Town Green Property Services, we provide inventories, check in reports, check out reports and mid term reports individually or as part of a property management package. 


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